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Changing the face of who gets to TEACH gifted so we can 
change who gets to BE gifted.

The BEE Project Teacher Fellowship Program

The BEE Project exists because we recognize the difference Black and Brown teachers make in the educational experience of Black and Brown students. In fulfillment of our mission to support the brilliance of students of color and their families, our teacher fellowship program provides culturally affirming training in gifted identification and assessment and intellectual and social-emotional needs of diverse gifted students and provides a pathway to certification for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous educators across the country.

Elizabeth Gragg

“I joined the BEE project because of the educational impact it will have on exceptional learners who are Black and Hispanic. This project supports teachers and helps us to elevate our instructional practices in the classroom so that our gifted learners are impacted for long term success.”

Elizabeth gragg – 4th grade teacher

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