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The BEE Project 


The BEE Project envisions a world where three realities exist: 

  • The brilliance of overlooked and underestimated children and teachers who look like them will no longer be left on the table. 
  • The instructional expertise of Black and Hispanic educators will be identified, valued, and developed in recognition of their unique ability to see, cultivate, and connect with the brilliance of students of color and their families. 
  • Education equity conversations will reject the deficit-based notion of closing achievement gaps and shift to a narrative based on shattering achievement ceilings. 


The BEE Project inspires, trains, and advocates for Black and Hispanic education leaders to equitably design and lead gifted and talented education programs through an asset-based framework that supports the unique needs of brilliant students of color and their families. 

A Bold Approach to Equity 

In leading thinkLaw’s work across 40+ states in the last 6 years, our core belief that- critical thinking should not be a luxury good – has always gone hand in hand with the challenges we see in school systems where we regularly leave genius on the table, especially when it comes to the brilliance of Black and Hispanic students.  

We’ve also been a part of many conversations around diversifying the teaching profession, especially since we know that Black and Hispanic educators are up to three times more likely to identify students of color as gifted. 

To tackle the challenge of accelerating learning for gifted Black and Hispanic students AND to develop existing Black and Hispanic educators, The BEE Project will pay Black and Hispanic educators to earn their gifted endorsement credentials by teaching students in need of acceleration. The BEE Project’s combined clinical and professional learning experience gives educators will receive the training they need to start, teach, lead, and equitably operate gifted and talented programs in their school systems. 

We have spent so long talking about closing achievement gaps. The BEE Project is a unique way to start shattering achievement ceilings.